Text Box: Canadian Lebanese Group — CLG 
	Programs can present a global skills assessment tools, flexible training options, internationally recognized content and consulting services. The Training Institute offers more than just training. Our learning focus on real world problems and provides you with access to experienced professionals; when, where, and how you need it.
	CLG will source, allocation, development of content you need to get the skills you want. Our designed means your learning program that meets your business objectives by focusing on problem.
	Through our CLG classrooms or blended learning options, CLG can meet your specific training requirements, regardless of what is your learning style. Techniques hands on skills delivered in class, and through labs can be combined with learning communities led by technical experts, and self-paced training, to make a deep, continuous learning experiences.

CLG is one of your way to study English learning Courses 
( TOEFL iBT, IELTS and SAT ) and resources through our 
classrooms and instructors.

CLG offer you to  learn Business English with our  Class Room 
lessons that cover typical business communication

CLG is one of the international Testing Center since 1997

Mina Str., With Nadim Al Jesr , Azmi Street– Islami Hospital Area

Manaski Build

2nd Floor

Tripoli, North Lebanon


To contact us:

Phone: 9613444673— 9616200562 9616424124


E-mail: hasan@clgtechnology.com