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CLG program in business to provide classroom and learning site on standard and custom formatting that is designed to provide information and knowledge for companies and individuals. CLG exceed at training in information technology, project management, engineering design—Web Design, networking plan and English Language Courses such as : SAT, TOEFL iBT, iTEP and IELTS.

We are privately owned educational business

In addition our is a licensed testing center for IT ,Management structure and areas of responsibility: General Manager and Manager for each section ( IT – English )


Products and services

· Teach and prepare students for certified IT and English Language test.

· To be able to meet job and universities requirements.

Licensed tests that we offer are not available in other centers in the Area.

· Easy to access from different places in North Lebanon.

· Long Term Aim of the Business


Marketing/Sales Strategy

· We will adopt different various marketing strategies :

· Contact domestic universities, Collages, High School and businesses that may require such test like banks, insurance companies, travel agencies and Hotels… etc

· Starting other branches in many places in our Area and across the country.

· Improve the condition of our Labs

· Increase the number of computers

· Have our staff join workshops to remain fully qualified and informed with the latest improvements in the field.


Marketing and Communications Strategy

· Advertising : Billboards, Radio Stations, and Leaflets to education Institution.

· Sending public relation staff members to promote for our centre at universities and other educational institutions.

· Organizing seminars for students to explain about the services provide

· Website and internet marketing

· Exhibitions and conferences

· Word Of Mouth


Staffing and Operations

Staffing : General Manager, Section Manager, instructors, TCAs (Test Centre Administrators ) staff and technicians.

Training Plans : Attending workshops.


· Two Labs, Admission Room, Reception, seven Classes. Library.

· Equipment: Computers, Data Show, Lockable closet




CLG provides effective and innovative learning solutions through custom designed and provide training and support to our students, businesses and individuals.




CLG will be the customer's preferred partner choice for learning in life

Mina Str., With Nadim Al Jesr , Azmi Street– Islami Hospital Area

Manaski Build

2nd Floor

Tripoli, North Lebanon


To contact us:

Phone: 9613444673— 9616200562 -  9616424124

E-mail: hasan@clgtecnology.com